ckire -kir- gismu

x1 is grateful/thankful to/appreciative of x2 for x3 (event/property).

Also gratitude (= nunckire or kamckire). See also cinmo, friti, pluka.

In notes:

attitudinal: appreciation - envy.
x1 thanks/gives thanks to x2 for x3 (property) via medium x4
x1 feels resentment/bitterness towards x2 for action x3; x1 is resentful
x1 wears 'on' (Japanese term) on x2 due to x3; x1 is thankful/feels obligation/owes to x2 due to x3; x2 is kind/grants favor/offers 'on' to x1 in x3; x1 has unpayable debt to x2 for x3; x2 is an 'onjin' (benefactor, Japanese term)