sigda experimental gismu

x1 is a material conditional/'IF' statement (logical statement) saying that x2 (du'u) logically implies x3 (du'u) ("x3 is true if x2 is true; if x2, then x3; x2 being true is sufficient to guarantee the truth of x3").

Beware the order of x3 (the consequent) and x2 (the antecedent/sufficient condition). This word is to "na ja" approximately as kanxe is to je. See also: kanxe, vlina, ribga, naja, .ifle, fi'ei.

In notes:

x1 is a logical 'if-else' (ternary conditional) statement saying that if x2 is true, then x3 is true (or performed), but otherwise/else (if x2 is not true, then) x4 is true (or performed).
x1 is a logical statement which says that x2 (du'u) being true logically implies (material implication) x3 being necessarily true, but in which the converse does not hold (it is certain that there are cases in which 'IFF' fails: x2 is not necessary for x3).
x1 is a logical statement of proposition-equivalence/is a biconditional/'IFF' statement saying that x2 (du'u) is true if and only if x3 is true ("x2 is logically equivalent to x3; x2 being true is sufficient and necessary for guaranteeing the truth of x3; x2 iff x3").