cu'u ko'a BAI* cmavo-compound

tagged sumti: can be used for embedded: it-1 said, "...", with editorial unquote and insert.

On affix form:

x1 is an affair/organized activity involving person(s) x2 (ind./mass); x1 is x2's business.
x1 is a corner/point/at-least-3-dimensional [solid] angle [shape/form] in/on x2, of material x3.

In definition:

sumti assignment; used to define/assign ko'a/fo'a series pro-sumti; Latin 'sive'.
x1=s1=v1=ko'a dreams that they are flying (x2=s2="lo du'u ko'a vofli" fixed) by means x3=v2; x2 is a flying dream of x1; x1 has flying dream x2.
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'a; used generally in quotations.
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series.
incidental/non-restrictive adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The first place of the converted selbri is claimed to be such that the outer bridi satisfies it, and the outer bridi is claimed. {broda noi'a brode} means {lo nu broda ku goi ko'a cu fasnu .i ko'a brode}.
x1 xarci fi lo ka jai gau cecla ko'a i je ta'e ku ko'a marji lo jinme jo'u lo drata