detke'u lujvo

The date [day,week,month,year] x1=d1=k1 is recurrence/repetition of the date [day,week,month,year] of the first event x2=d2, for the x3=k3'rd time, at location x4=d3, by calendar x5=d4.

detri zei krefu. krefu_2 corresponds to the date of the first event, but the place is omitted for simplicity. x5=d4 may indicate the system of recurrence: a day of the week/month; a day/month of the year (anniversary); a year of the century etc. ex.) li renopavo pi'e pano pi'e re detke'u lo nu la gandis noi banli cu jbena kei li pavomu zo'e lo pa nanca be fi la gregoris (October 2 of 2014 is Mahatma Gandhi's 145th birthday counted by year of Gregorian calendar.)

In notes:

s1 is the birthday celebration of x2=j1 born at time j3.
r1 is a wedding ceremony marrying x2=s1 to x3=s2.