kicra experimental gismu

x1 produces/makes/hosts podcast episode x2.

No dependence/specification of the format, production equipment or techniques, hosting website/resource/server, the local or remote storage device, listening device, or how they are connected. The content should mostly or entirely be audio (snavi). For a podcast series or program (as a whole), consider a construct similar to "se kicra porsi" or "selkicrypoi". This word is slightly different from and much narrower than cravi. A key component to a podcast is that it is accessible via an internet. See also: cradi, kibro.

In notes:

x1 is an ordered series of podcast episodes/podcast serial, ordered by conparison rule x2 (contextless default: production order or intended listening order, or reverse of these), and being entirely composed of all of the individual episodes belonging to set x3.