ku'ai'i GOhA experimental cmavo

empty/vacuous selbri

Accepts arbitrarily many sumti and just acts so as to string them together as a list of nouns (they may of course be connected by cmavo of selma'o (J)A). The cardinality of its terbri is in any particular instance exactly the number of nouns explicitly uttered (no implicit "zo'e"s occur); therefore, ".i zi'o zi'o ... zi'o ku'ai'i .i", where there are n distinct occurrances of "zi'o" for nonnegative integer n, implies that that usage of "ku'ai'i" had exactly n sumti slots and, no matter what n is, the bridi as a whole is equivalent in meaning to 'actively' uttering silence/nothing; this is particularly true for n = 0. This word can be used for mottos: "loi krati .e lo ka se krali cu ku'ai'i" (= "Rights and Representation(!)"), "lo ka zifre .e lo ka dunli .e lo ka dibype'o cu ku'ai'i" (= "Liberte', E'galite', Fraternite' (!)", a motto of France), etc.