lo'u LOhULEhU cmavo

start questionable/out-of-context quote; text should be Lojban words, but needn't be grammatical.

Terminated by le'u.

On affix form:

x1 is a fox [bushy-tailed wild dog/canine] of species/breed x2.

In definition:

x1 is a source language for Lojbanic gismu x2, contributing word x3 (zoi) to make it, which were adapted into the Lojban alphabet as x4 (lo'u or zoi), the language having weight in the algorithm x5 (li)

In notes:

Named reference. It converts a sumti into another sumti. The converted sumti points to the referent the name of which is the referent of the unconverted sumti.
x1 (text) is a variation of x2 (text) resulting from adaptation to x3 (language of x1); x1 is the transliteration/pronounciation/realization of x2 in language x3.
x1 is a tosmabru word.
x1 is a tosmabru word.