pano PA* cmavo-compound

number/quantity: 10 [ten].

On gloss:

banxupuku in sense "Kulina Pano language"
x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code “xpk” (Kulina Pano).

In notes:

The date [day,week,month,year] x1=d1=k1 is recurrence/repetition of the date [day,week,month,year] of the first event x2=d2, for the x3=k3'rd time, at location x4=d3, by calendar x5=d4.
f1=c1 [value] is a/the median/quartile/decile/percentile/fraction-type of median with numerator f2, denominator f3 in property/amount c2 (ka/ni) among p1 (s) (ordered set) by standard c4.