pi PA3 -piz- cmavo

digit/number: radix (number base) point; default decimal.

On gloss:

digit/number: pi (approximately 3.1416...); the constant defined by the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of all circles.

In definition:

mekso unary operator: converts a string of digits which includes {pi} to the same string of digits without {pi}; if {pi} is not present in the original/input string, the output is identical
x1 is the elementary unit (quantum) of angular momentum/half of Planck's reduced constant [id est: hbar/2 = h/(4 pi)] expressed in units x2 (default: unitless/dimensionless and so that it is equal to 1) in paradigm/system/metaphysics/universe x3 (default: this, our actual, physical universe)
x1 is the black-body Stefan-Boltzmann sigmaSB constant [approximately equal to: 5.670373(21)×10(−8) W/(m2×K4)], expressed in units x2 (default: unitless/dimensionless and equal to pi2 / 480) in paradigm/system/metaphysics/universe x3 (default: this, our actual, physical universe)

In notes:

arbitrarily much of, arbitrarily close to 1, an arbitrarily large proper fraction/percentage of
x1 (me'o) is the p-adic representation of number x2 in base x3.
x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3.
mekso (no-more-than-4-ary) operator: Gaussian function f(x, a, b, c) = c e-((x-a).
semi-mathematical binary operator: named number base operator/interpreter
imaginary i, comma - spherical coordinates: first coordinate gives magnitude (complex modulus/radius) of the number, the second number gives the angle from the positive real axis measured counterclockwise toward the 'positive' imaginary axis (default: in the primary branch/Arg) as measured in some units (which that number should contain; the contextless default will suppose radians); the angle is not normalized.
unary operator: primorial a#
numeric suffix: indicates that the number refers to portionality instead of cardinality
at a point on time axis
unary mekso operator: produces a string of n consecutive "xo'e"'s, treated as digits (concatenated into a single string of digits)
x1 is \sqrt(A) [decimal: 1×10+(1/2)] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).