zmico experimental gismu

x1 belongs to a particular class of cmavo concerned with terbri default specifications and values; x1 is such a default-concerned cmavo with function/definition x2 that works at level/with construct-orientation x3 and with discourse duration x4, in language x5

This class of cmavo includes but is not limited to default specification modifiers as well as default-value-referencing pro-sumti; it is a subset of the set of all cmavo. "Class" in the definition does not necessarily mean selma'o. Proposed short rafsi: -zic-. For "default specification modifer" use gafyzmico; for "default-value-referencing pro-sumti" use sumyzmico or zicysu'i.

In definition:

x1=z1=g1 is a zmico that modifies the terbri default specification of a brivla, producing result x2=z2=g3 at level/with construct-orientation x3=z3 with discourse duration x4=z4 in language x5=z5; x1 is a default specification modifier that produces output re-specification x2
x1=z1=s1 is a zmico that functions as a pro-sumti which references specified default value x2=z2 (definition/function) that works with discourse-orientation x3=z3 (discourse exterior/interior), filling terbri of brivla/predicate x4=s2, in language x5=z5; x1 is a default-value-referencing pro-sumti with definition/function/value x2

In notes:

discursive & gafyzmico: reset/restore all defaults (permanently) to discourse-exterior specification; cancel all following discourse-interior default assignments
gafyzmico: Reset all default specifications of immediately previous word to official definition specifications hereinafter (permanently)
gafyzmico: Cancellation (permanent) of all defaults in immediately previous word
Cancellation (instant-/usage-wise; temporary) of all defaults in immediately previous word
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: an elliptical/unspecified value which does not necessarily obey the default setting for the corresponding terbri that is explicitly specified in the definition of the word; has some value which makes bridi true
pro-sumti & sumyzmico: discourse-exterior default it
discursive & gafyzmico: ignore/kill all following default specifications (permanently)
gafyzmico: Reset all default specification of the immediately previous word to their respective discourse-external/official definition specifications for this instance/usage only.