carna -car- gismu

x1 turns about vector x2 towards direction x3, turning angular distance / to face point x4

Also revolve (= jincarna). See also gunro, jendu. New definition of carna originally proposed by Robin Lee Powell and backward-compatible with the old one. Official definition: x1 turns/rotates/revolves around axis x2 in direction x3.

In notes:

x1 rolls/trundles on/against surface x2 rotating on axis/axle x3; x1 is a roller.
x1 is an axle/spindle [tool] on which x2 rotates, of material/properties x3.
b1=c1 is a tornado/waterspout moving from direction b2 at speed b3 rotating around centre /eye c2 with rotational direction c3.
ca1=cn1 is a drill [rotating, bladed digging tool] for digging cn2
cr1=ca1 turns to face cr2.
k1 is a rotary saw [rotating cutting tool] cutting/splitting/dividing k2 (object) into pieces k3
c1=p1 somersaults over c2 in direction c3 to p2 from p3.
x1=j2=p3 (ka; jo'u/fa'u term) is the minor difference in/between x2=p2 and x3=p1 that is to be ignored, their similarity being by standard/in geometry x4; x2 is the same as/similar to/parallels x3 in standard/geometry x4 up to/modulo/except for/ignoring unimportant difference x1;
x1 is the angular momentum [vector] of x2 in frame of reference x3