.utkakpu fu'ivla

x1 and x2 are path-connected by ordered binary relation/predicate x3 (ka), such that all paths which satisfy condition(s) x4 (ka; default: no additional conditions) in the relevant graph (x5) linking nodes by said relation x3 in a directed manner and which contain x1 must also (later in the path) contain x2.

All paths in the graph that pass through x1 must at some point also pass through x2. Note that they may also contain x2 earlier; for example, cycles do this. It just must be the case that any path which at some point comes from x1 via relation x3 must, at some later point, go to x2 (and then they may continue on); in other words, the web from x1 'bunches' up at node x2 and no path from x1 does not eventually go to x2. All other notes from ".utka" apply, although .utka4 is missing (and, thus, those notes are irrelevant), because it does not in general make sense to discuss intermediates nodes in this case (because no particular path is chosen). In a sense, this word captures the idea in the phrase "All roads lead to Rome", except that it would be rephrased as "All one-way roads from x1 lead to Rome". Diagrammatically, see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14oSV_0ypJpIyKjEsOXVe684f6c-4jZBL/view?usp=drivesdk . This word is intended to be equivalent to "utkakpu", which accidentally has a separate entry in this dictionary.