Welcome to the intelligent™ search engine for the Lojban dictionary!

Using me is easy, just enter a search word up there!

There are however some neat tricks you might be interested in.

Restrict results by matching field

Prefix a query with the name of a field followed by a colon and that query will be limited to that field. This restricts the results of the rest of the query to entries that match that field-specific query.

Example: number type:cmavo.

The above gives you a list of all particles matching “number”. The fields you can search are: word, gloss, affix, class, type, definition and notes.


For the fields affix, type and word, some characters have special meanings.

A * matches anything at that position, a ? matches any single character. Also, [abc] matches any of “a”, “b” and “c” whereas [!abc] matches anything except those.

Example: word:[bd]a?.

This lists all words that begin with a “b” or a “d”, followed by an “a” and any other one character.

Other things to keep in mind

For text fields I compare the stem of words, so that “amused” finds “amusing” and “amusement”.

Example: amused.

If you need a space in a query and don't mean two separate restrictions, you need to quote the query.

Example: type:"experimental gismu".

I have an OpenSearch description, which means you can add me as a search engine in Firefox. If you're using Chrome or Chromium I'm already set up for you, just type  vlasisku.lojban.org  followed by your search in the location bar. If you right click on the location bar you can edit search engines and set up a more convinient keyword for me.