zu'au FAhA2 experimental cmavo

location tense relation/direction (angular); counterclockwise from..., locally leftwards/to the left of ...

See also: zucna, du'oi.

On grammatical class:

bau'u (exp!)
preposition: outside of ...
location tense relation/direction; north of.
location tense relation/direction; coincident with/at the same place as; space equivalent of ca.
location tense relation/direction; forwards/to the front of ...
location tense relation/direction; east of.
location tense relation/direction; arriving at/directly towards ...
location tense relation/direction; upwards/up from ...
location tense relation/direction; approximating/next to ...
location tense relation/direction; within/inside of/into ...
location tense relation/direction; south of.
location tense relation/direction; downwards/down from ...
location tense relation/direction; transfixing/passing through ...
location tense relation/direction; adjacent to/touching/contacting ...
location tense relation/direction; rightwards/to the right of ...
location tense relation/direction; surrounding/annular ...
location tense relation/direction; edged by/edging up to ...
location tense relation/direction; rearwards/to the rear of ...
location tense relation/direction; departing from/directly away from ...
location tense relation/direction; west of.
location tense relation/direction; beyond/outward/receding from ...
location tense relation/direction; tangential to/passing by ...
location tense relation/direction; nearer than .../inward/approaching from ...
location tense relation/direction; leftwards/to the left of ...
ga'u re'o (comp!)
location tense relation / direction; upon ...
mo'ibe'a (comp!)
space motion tense: northwardly; to the north directional space motion.
mo'ibu'u (comp!)
space motion tense: moving to coincide directional space motion.
mo'ica'u (comp!)
space motion tense: forward directional space motion.
mo'idu'a (comp!)
space motion tense: eastwardly; to the east directional space motion.
mo'idu'oi (comp!)
space motion tense: clockwisely; to the clockwise angular-directional space motion.
mo'ifa'a (comp!)
space motion tense: arriving at; arriving at a point directional space motion.
mo'iga'u (comp!)
space motion tense: upwardly; upwards directional space motion.
mo'ine'a (comp!)
space motion tense: approximating; moving around the neighborhood of ... space motion.
mo'ine'i (comp!)
space motion tense: moving into directional space motion.
mo'ine'u (comp!)
space motion tense: southwardly; to the south directional space motion.
mo'ini'a (comp!)
space motion tense: downwardly; downwards directional space motion.
mo'ipa'o (comp!)
space motion tense: passing through directional space motion.
mo'ire'o (comp!)
space motion tense: along; along a path directional space motion.
mo'iri'u (comp!)
space motion tense: rightwardly; to the right directional space motion.
mo'iru'u (comp!)
space motion tense: orbiting; surrounding/annular directional space motion.
mo'ite'e (comp!)
space motion tense: moving along the border directional space motion.
mo'iti'a (comp!)
space motion tense: rearwardsly; rearwards directional space motion.
mo'ito'o (comp!)
space motion tense: moving away from a point directional space motion.
mo'ivu'a (comp!)
space motion tense: westwardly; to the west directional space motion.
mo'ize'o (comp!)
space motion tense: outwardsly; outward directional space motion.
mo'izo'a (comp!)
space motion tense: passing by a site directional space motion.
mo'izo'i (comp!)
space motion tense: approaching directional space motion.
mo'izu'a (comp!)
space motion tense: leftwardsly; to the left directional space motion.
mo'izu'au (comp!)
space motion tense: counterclockwisely; to the counterclockwise angular-directional space motion.
na'efa'a (comp!)
space direction: not towards specified point, contrary negation; direction modal.
sene'i (comp!)
location tense relation/direction; containing / enclosing...
du'oi (exp!)
location tense relation/direction (angular); clockwise from..., locally rightwards/to the right of ...
gau'o (exp!)
location tense relation / direction; upon/atop ...
xei'e (exp!)
online location tense; at the same online place as; online equivalent of {bu'u}
zu'au (exp!)
location tense relation/direction (angular); counterclockwise from..., locally leftwards/to the left of ...

In definition:

x1 is the selma'o "FAhA".

In notes:

x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'space-offset' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.
x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'space-interval' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.