za'umai MAI* cmavo-compound

discursive: further utterance ordinal

On grammatical class:

utterance ordinal suffix; converts a number to an ordinal, such as an item or paragraph number.
higher-order utterance ordinal suffix; converts a number to ordinal, usually a section/chapter.
ba'ai (exp!)
discursive suffix: attaches to number. "I expect with probability..."
ju'ai (exp!)
Default number radix modifier: changes the value of the default radix assumed for any numeral lacking an explicit radix within the following text, until another {ju'ai} appears.
lai'a (exp!)
text scope alphabet specifier. Sets the alphabet used for spelling until changed.
sai'ei (exp!)
turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.
nomo'o (comp!)
discursive utterance ordinal: zeroth section/chapter ordinal; foreword.
pamai (comp!)
discursive: first utterance ordinal.
pamo'o (comp!)
discursive utterance ordinal: first section/chapter ordinal.
remai (comp!)
discursive: second utterance ordinal.
romai (comp!)
discursive utterance ordinal: finally; last utterance ordinal.
za'umai (comp!)
discursive: further utterance ordinal

In definition:

mai'o (exp!)
turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai}
x1 is the selma'o "MAI".

In notes:

x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'free' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.