puca'o ZAhO* cmavo-compound

time tense: was then; (tense/modal).

On grammatical class:

interval event contour: in the aftermath of ...; since ...; retrospective/perfect | |----.
interval event contour: during ...; continuative |-----|.
interval event contour: at the starting point of ...; initiative >|< |.
interval event contour: at the instantaneous point of ...; achievative/perfective; point event >|<.
interval event contour: at the ending point of ... even if not done; cessative | >< |.
event contour for a temporary halt and ensuing pause in a process.
event contour for resumption of a paused process.
interval event contour: at the natural ending point of ...; completive | >|<.
interval event contour: in anticipation of ...; until ... ; inchoative ----| |.
interval event contour: continuing too long after natural end of ...; superfective | ---->.
ca'o'a (exp!)
Contraction of ca'o co'a. Expresses that the event is progressively beginning.
co'a'a (exp!)
superfective inchoative; starting too late
co'au'a (exp!)
interval event contour: at the restarting/renewal point of...
co'u'a (exp!)
interval event contour: premature cessation; done although not finished; at the ending point of ... even though not completed.
sau'a (exp!)
interval event contour: succeeding at ...
xa'o (exp!)
opposite of za'o: event contour: refers to the portion of the event which occurs before the natural beginning; starting too early before ...; <----.
xo'u (exp!)
opposite of mo'u: interval event contour: at the natural beginning point of ...;
baca'o (comp!)
time tense: will be then; (tense/modal).
caba'o (comp!)
time tense: has been, is now in the aftermath of; (tense/modal).
caca'o (comp!)
time tense: is now/simultaneously, is now in the middle of; (tense/modal).
capu'o (comp!)
time tense: is going to, is now just about to, is now anticipating; (tense/modal).
fe'eba'o (comp!)
location event contour tense: perfective in space; beyond the place of ...
fe'eca'o (comp!)
location event contour tense: continuative in space; throughout the place of ...
fe'eco'a (comp!)
location event contour tense: initiative in space; on this edge of ...
fe'eco'i (comp!)
location event contour tense: achievative in space; at the point of ...
fe'emo'u (comp!)
location event contour tense: completive in space; at the far end of ...
fe'epu'o (comp!)
location event contour tense: anticipative in space; up to the edge of ...
fe'eza'o (comp!)
location event contour tense: superfective in space; continuing too far beyond ...
puca'o (comp!)
time tense: was then; (tense/modal).

In definition:

x1 is the selma'o "ZAhO".

In notes:

x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'interval-property' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.