ai UI1 cmavo

attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal.

See also termu'i, terzu'e, seljdi, selcu'a.

In definition:

ai'y (exp!)
letteral for i when ending a diphthong (ai, ei, oi), sometimes written as ị

In notes:

x1 is in the state of general unconsciousness/unawareness.
ai'i (exp!)
attitudinal: determination - lack of determination - resignation
uai (exp!)
attitudinal: friendly/friendishly/amicably/companionship/compatriotship/comradeship - antagonistically/enemyishly
x1 intends to do/be x2 (ka).
x1=l1 is a to-do-list for x2; x1=l1 is a list of things that x2 intends to do
x1 tops (sexual position/role) in aspect x2 (ka)