bei BEIBEhO cmavo

separates multiple linked sumti within a selbri; used in descriptions.

On affix form:

x1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo x2 to x3 from x4 over path x5; x1 is a carrier/[porter].

In definition:

x1 is the selma'o "BEI".

In notes:

x1 (text) is a particle connecting two parts of a construct and belonging to word class x2
Tag linkarge 2
dau'a (exp!)
gafyzmico: Reset all default specifications of immediately previous word to official definition specifications hereinafter (permanently)
de'au (exp!)
gafyzmico: Cancellation (permanent) of all defaults in immediately previous word
de'oi (exp!)
Cancellation (instant-/usage-wise; temporary) of all defaults in immediately previous word
doi'a (exp!)
gafyzmico: Reset all default specification of the immediately previous word to their respective discourse-external/official definition specifications for this instance/usage only.
zi'au (exp!)
nonexistent/undefining it; the selbri is not applicable when the other terbri are filled in the manner in which they are in this utterance/bridi.
zi'oi (exp!)
fills and deletes (in the manner as {zi'o}) all terbri of immediately previous word that are not explicitly filled with a sumti
x1 is a part of Lojban text representing rule 'links' according to the first edition of the book 'The Complete Lojban Language'.