bemjoitco lujvo

x1=b1=k1 is North America and South America; x1 is Pan-American; x1 pertains to the Americas or reflects nationality/culture/geography thereof in property x2=b2=k2.

Cf. bemro, ketco, merko, braplu

In notes:

x1=f1=xa1 is Afro-Asiatic in aspect x2=f2=xa2; x1 is Africa and Asia considered together
m1=k1 reflects angloamerican culture/nationality/geography/language in aspect m1=k1.
x1, in aspect x2, reflects the culture/lifestyle/people of a non-native (immigrant/invading/alien) population/culture x3 which at least partially but significantly and somewhat permanently (having established itself) locally supplanted, displaced, or dominated the indigenous/native culture x4 in region x5 (location)