boi'e'u BOI* experimental cmavo

mekso operator/function terminator (in Polish notation): inserts exactly enough "{boi}"'s consecutively so as to terminate the most recently uttered operator/function in a mekso expression

Encloses the operator and all of its explicitly mentioned operands within a pair of mekso parenthesis (vei and ve'o respectively). All operand slots that have not already been explicitly filled are now (implicitly) filled by the default operand, xo'ei (which itself is taken to behave in its default mode), or the identity element under that operator/function in that position/role (in the sense that 0 or 1 is identity under exponentiation as the position/role of being the base but only 1 is identity for exponentiation in the exponent position/role). Operators of arbitrary arity (such as su'i) are terminated immediately after the most recently explicitly mentioned operand. If the character string/digraph "eu" (and a corresponding diphthong) ever becomes valid in Lojban, .krtisfranks. asks that the meaning of this word be transferred wholly intact to "boi'eu" and that then this word be(come) unassigned.