brife -bif-bi'e- gismu

x1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x2 with speed x3; x1 blows from x2.

See also tcima.

In notes:

x1 is weather at place/region x2; (adjective:) x1 is meteorological.
c1=b2 (agent) blows c2.
c1 is a fan/blower/punkah blowing air/gas with speed b3 by process c3.
b1=c1 is a tornado/waterspout moving from direction b2 at speed b3 rotating around centre /eye c2 with rotational direction c3.
x1 is a monsoon
b1=m1 is breeze/zephyr from direction b2 with speed b3.
x1 (temperature units) is the measured apparent temperature (humidex, wind chill) of x2 (location) by standard x3
x2=b1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x1=b2 with speed x3=b3.
x3=b1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x2=b2 with speed x1=b3.
lai'e (exp!)
Named reference. It converts a sumti into another sumti. The converted sumti points to the referent the name of which is the referent of the unconverted sumti.
x1 is a specific kind of bad weather characterized by large dark rain clouds that block out most of the daylight, large, cold rain drops and an overall dark, uncomfortable and unsettling atmosphere, optionally accompanied by icy wind, such that a change in the weather conditions would be a relief to anyone present, both physically and emotionally.