ca'e UI2 cmavo

evidential: I define.

See also mitcu'a, mitsmu.

On affix form:

x1 [agent] shoves/pushes x2 at locus x3.

In notes:

sumti assignment; used to define/assign ko'a/fo'a series pro-sumti; Latin 'sive'.
ca'edai (comp!)
discursive / expression: "If you say so"
x1 makes x2 (du'u) true by expressing it (performative act); x2 is true because x1 claims it to be so
cei'e (exp!)
define following selbri with sentence or tu'e...tu'u clause
kai'a (exp!)
evidential: by definition... / essentialistically...
mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C
x1 defines x2 (nu/du'u) to be true / to happen // x2 is true because x1 says so or thinks so.
Define x1 to be a named dummy symbol (having a name heretofore unassigned) such that, if it were to exist, it would satisfy condition/have property x2 (condition/ka); let x1 be such that it satisfies/is described by x2.