cau'o'e NAhE experimental cmavo

elliptical/vague/indecisive scalar affirmer/negator; true neutral/non-committed/uninvolved scalar truthfulness/assertion

Useful for when the truthfulness or falseness of a bridi is undesirable (the speaker makes no firm stance or assumption on the matter). Different from no'e in that it does not necessarily select a neutral value on a scale; it merely acknowledges that some value on the scale could be chosen/that the scale exists, but does not choose one (it is hands-off). If one does not want to accuse someone of being or doing something, but wants to talk about it, this word would be used; often can be used for "are or are not".

In notes:

cau'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified scalar modifier: "maybe, maybe not", modifies next selbri-unit or tag
xu'o'e (exp!)
elliptical bridi logical negator/affirmer/truth-evaluation