cletu experimental gismu

x1 is a mathematical set, containing members x2

Syn. setmima. See cmima, girzu, gunma, lu'i, ce

In notes:

x1 is an (arbitrary) x2-set (li) of superset x3; x1 is subset/subgroup/subcategory/subclass/vel sim. of x3 with cardinality/size x2.
x1 is a strict/proper sub-x2 [structure] in/of x3; x2 is a structure and x1 and x3 are both examples of that structure x2 such that x1 is entirely contained within x3 (where containment is defined according to the standard/characteristics/definition of x2; but in any case, no member/part/element that belongs to x1 does not also belong to x3), but there is some member/part/element of x3 that does not belong to x1 in the same way.