cnanlime fu'ivla

x1 is the generalized weighted Lehmer mean of data x2 (completely specified ordered multiset/list of numbers) of Lehmer order x3 (either a single extended-real number xor an ordered pair of two extended-real numbers) with weights x4 (completely specified ordered multiset/list of numbers with the same cardinality as x2; defaults according to the Notes).

Possibly dimensionful. If the cardinality of x2 is n, then the cardinality of x4 is also n and, moreover, the weights default to 1/n each. If x3 is a single extended-real number p, then x3 = (p, p-1) also. If x3 = (p, q) validly for real p&q, then x1 =Sum(wi y in Set(1,...,n))/Sum(wi y in Set(1,...,n)), where yi is the ith term of x2 for all i, wi is the ith term of x4 for all i, and n is the cardinality of x2 (and thus x4). If x3 equals positive infinity (ma'uci'i), then the result x1 is the maximum of the data x2; if x3 equals negative infinity (ni'uci'i), then the result x1 is the minimum of the data x2.

In notes:

x1 is the mean-value theorem mean/forward-difference-quotient mean of the elements of (multi)set x2 (1-element or 2-element set) under/for function x3.