da'ai'a BAI experimental cmavo

"da'avni" modal: except under condition ...; unless ...; excepting/exempting (condition) ... .

See also: "da'avni". Use "teda'ai'a" for "except if/in [condition implicit], in which case ...". Can be nested via inclusion of another "da'ai'a" within the condition which is filling the sumti slot which was introduced by the higher-level instance of this word; for example: "every Gregorian year with label which is divisible by 4 unless (it is also divisible by 100 unless (it is also divisible by 400)) is a leap year", where parenthesis denote the sumti slot and the second "unless" is nested, meaning that uears which are a multiple of 400 are indeed leap years, despite being divisible by 100 as well – in this example, "unless" would be translated by this word.

In notes:

x1 (condition) is the condition for an exception/'else' case of rule x2 with its own rule/outcome/consequent x3.