dasni -das- gismu

x1 wears/is robed/garbed in x2 as a garment of type x3.

x2 need not be intended for use as a garment (unlike taxfu). See also taxfu.

In notes:

x1 is dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by x2 (gender/species/body part) serving purpose x3.
x1=t1=s1 acts like/similarly to fictional/imaginary character x2=t2=s2=xa1 imaginary to x3=xa2 in that they wear similar clothes, under conditions x4=t3.
x1 is a dryer/machine for drying the clothes x2 of x3, removing liquid x3.
lu'ei (exp!)
convert a grammatical quotation to a tanru unit; x1 expresses/says the quoted text for audience x2 via expressive medium x3.
x1 is a dirndl (bavarian traditional women's dress)