dei'i'u BAI experimental cmavo

Attaches date and time starting with years and ending in seconds.

Created to give date and time simultaneously and to be in line with ISO standard from most general to most specific. "pi'e" can be used to separate units, or "ny, my, dy, cy, my ebu, sy" can be used to jump to a specific date/time unit. Milliseconds can be added after "pi". See: detytcika dei'i'u BAI of detytcika.

In notes:

x1=d1=t1 occurs on year x2 of month x3 of day x4 of hour x5 of minute x6 of second x7 of date/time system x8
d1=t1 [years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds] is the date and time of event/state d2=t2 at location d3=t4 by date/time system x4