dekpu gismu

x1 is x2 (default 1) local volume unit(s) [non-metric; e.g. bushel], standard x3, x4 subunits.

Gallon (= likydekpu), quart (= likseldekpu), barrel (wet = likybradekpu, dry = sudbradekpu), bushel (= sudydekpu), peck (= sudyseldekpu), cupful (= kabrydekpu), tablespoon (= mucydekpu); teaspoon (= mucyxeldekpu); (all of these lujvo may need gic- to distinguish the English measurement system in contrasting with some local system; the English system is otherwise presumed to be the default non-metric system). (additional subunit places may be added as x5, x6, ...); See also canlu, litce, rupnu, fepni, gutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu.

In notes:

x1 is x2 (def. 1) local weight unit(s) [non-metric], standard x3, subunits [e.g. ounces] x4.
x1 is space/volume/region/room [at-least-3-dimensional area] occupied by x2.
x1 is measured in kopeck/cent money-subunits as x2 [quantity], in monetary system x3.
x1 is x2 (default 1) short local distance unit(s) [non-metric], standard x3, x4 subunits.
x1 is x2 local area unit(s) [non-metric] (default 1) by standard x3, x4 subunits.
x1 is x2 liter(s) [metric unit] in volume (default is 1) by standard x3.
x1 (agent) measures/evaluates x2 [quantity] as x3 units on scale x4 (si'o), with accuracy x5.
x1 is x2 (default 1) long local distance unit(s) [non-metric], x3 subunits, standard x4.
x1 is measured in major-money-units (dollar/yuan/ruble) as x2 (quantity), monetary system x3.