di'ei KOhA7 experimental cmavo

pro-sumti and sumyzmico: an elliptical/unspecified value which does not necessarily obey the default setting for the corresponding terbri that is explicitly specified in the definition of the word; has some value which makes bridi true

Some brivla have default specifications for certain terbri; when any explicit sumti is omitted from filling these terbri (an implicit zo'e fills them instead), the meaning of that sumti is interpreted in accordance with the default specification; it is reasonable to suppose that an explicit zo'e used in order to fill such terbri will likewise obey the default specification in its interpretation. Thus, there is no simple way to reference the "general" elliptical/unspecified value for these sumti, other than by using this word. zo'e typically is interpreted as meaning any value of some general and unspecified set of potential sumti referents, modulated by context and the need to make the statement true; in the case of an explicit default setting of a terbri by the definition of a word, di'ei takes on this general and unspecified meaning, effectively ignoring the default (although it can take on the value of that default (doing so, simply, is just not necessary)); when no default is specified for the terbri in the definition, this word has the same meaning as zo'e. See also: di'au, di'oi, zmico.

In notes:

default value (re)specification/(re)assignment/(re)definition/over-write; set new default value (terbri-specific; permanent)
di'au (exp!)
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: discourse-interior default it (terbri-specific)
di'oi (exp!)
pro-sumti & sumyzmico: discourse-exterior default it