di'oi KOhA7 experimental cmavo

pro-sumti & sumyzmico: discourse-exterior default it

Explicitly and emphatically references the specified default value of the relevant terbri as given by "official" definitions (exterior to the discourse); this value ignores and is independent of any modifications made to the relevant default specification during the discourse. (zo'e, implicit or explicit, may do so as well, but the use of this word implies some degree of a more deliberate choice to follow the discourse-exterior default specification.) When a default is not specified by the definition of a word, this word is equivalent to completely general and elliptical zo'e. See also: di'au, di'ei, zmico.

In notes:

default value (re)specification/(re)assignment/(re)definition/over-write; set new default value (terbri-specific; permanent)
di'au (exp!)
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: discourse-interior default it (terbri-specific)
di'ei (exp!)
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: an elliptical/unspecified value which does not necessarily obey the default setting for the corresponding terbri that is explicitly specified in the definition of the word; has some value which makes bridi true