djeisone fu'ivla

x1 is an object described as x2, x3, ... (termset representing serializable tree structure compatible with JSON format of attribute-value pairs).

In the termset that starts from x2 each attribute is followed by its value, both are expressed as one sumti each. Each attribute is expressed using quotation or le-sumti. Value is one of: number (li-sumti), boolean value (le jetnu for "true"), string (lu-sumti, zo-sumti etc.), another object (internal heirarchy can be expressed using termsets). 'djeisone le broda li 5 le brode lo jetnu le mlatu nu'i lo ka ckaji le'i tuple be ce'u cu se kazmi kei li 4 nu'u' renders the following JSON: "broda":5,"brode":true,"mlatu":{"ckaji le ka le'i tuple be ce'u cu se kazmi":4}. See also veirdjeisano.