faukne fu'ivla

x1 is a mathematical object for/to which operator x2 is defined/may be applied when under conditions x3 under definition (of operator)/standard/type x4

The result is unimportant. Mathematical objects cannot really do anything nor can they experience anything, and they are not altered, so "kakne" does not really work. x2 may be a "mau'au"-"zai'ai"-quoted operator (possibly with some of its terbri filled). x3 determines when (example: for which points z in the domain set) (x2 (x makes sense/is defined. x4 can be a macro which really is a name of a type of such operator (x2 represents the class, x4 denotes the specific realization), the name being associated with all of the conditions/rules/descriptions necessary. "Differintegrable (according to some definition or type of differintegral operator named x4)": ~"faukne be lo salri co'e" (where x3 will be the set upon which x1 is differintegrable and x4 can be words like "partial", "directional", "vectorial", "total", "Riemann", "Lebesgue", vel sim.).