filsofo fu'ivla

x1 is a philosopher

In notes:

x1 is a professional philosopher/philosophe with job/position x2, associated with philosophy x3
x1 philosophizes/cogitates/ruminates/thinks profoundly about topic x2, with specifics of thought x3 and methodology x4, belonging to school/branch/super- philosophy x5; x1 is a philosopher/philosophe (not necessarily professional or trained).
x1 is (a) philosophy/ideology (one sense) about/of/pertaining to topic/subfield (one sense) x2 with subfield (different sense)/features/details/specifics/specific idea(s) x3, with methodology x4, followed/thought/considered by x5 (thinker/philosopher/individual); philosophy x1 is characterized by values/thoughts/opinions/ruminations x3 about topic/subject x2.