fizde experimental gismu

x1 awaits for x2 (event) with bated breath; x1 waits for the occurrence of x2 excitedly/restlessly; colloquially: x1 just cannot wait for x2 to happen; x1 is eager for event x2.

The colloquial definition is figurative: the waiting must and will be performed, but x1 wants x2 to happen as soon as possible/to just come already- for time to flow faster. This is how a child feels on Christmas Eve night for Christmas Day. Usually positive; the negative version is essentially "dread". There should be a sense of longing (but future-oriented), intensity, and/or aching for what x1 vaguely expects to happen (independent of what actually does end up happening). See also: fizbu (which lacks the sense of waiting), denpa (which lacks the sense of excitement and which has too many terbri). Proposed rafsi: "-fiz-".

In notes:

uo'o (exp!)
savoring the now (wishing time would stand still) - patience/indifference toward time passing - impatience (wishing time would move faster)