fo'a KOhA4 -fo'a- cmavo

pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #6 (specified by goi).

In definition:

sumti assignment; used to define/assign ko'a/fo'a series pro-sumti; Latin 'sive'.
fo'ai (exp!)
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series. The number of bound variables must be indicated by appending {xi} followed by that number to the word {fo'ai}, unless only one variable (namely {fo'a}) is bound, in which case the {xi} marking is optional.
fu'ei'a (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'a; used generally in quotations.
fy'oi (exp!)
Number suffix initiating a subordinate clause representing a predicate whose arity is the suffixed number; the lambda variables representing the predicate slots are bound from the fo'a-fo'u series in their dictionary ordering; the number of bound variables is the same as the predicate arity.

In notes:

ge'ai (exp!)
metasyntactic variable prenex