indo fu'ivla

x1 reflects/pertains to the regions which are approximated by the Indian subcontinent, or cultures vel sim. thereof, in aspect x2.

This does not necessarily recognize political divisions or inclusions of such region. Can be used in a human-historical context. The Indian Ocean may be included in this designation.

In definition:

x1 reflects European culture/nationality/geography/Indo-European languages in aspect x2.
x1 reflects Indo-European culture/language in aspect x2
x1 pertains to Tocharian (easternmost known Indo-European speaking) culture in aspect x2

In notes:

x1 reflects the geography/culture/history of the region constituting central Eurasia, including/especially former Eurasian territory of the Persian Empire, the Eurasian steppes, and regions near the Black and Caspian Seas (such as the modern regions/countries ending in "-stan" (and several others)), in property/aspect x2