iskuuil cmevla


The Ithkuil language, an experimental constructed language developed by John Quijada (la djankixadas) and published in its final version in 2011. Ithkuil is both logical and unambiguous in its syntax and extremely precise in its semantics, designed to be suited for 'descriptions of the holistic vs. discrete componential structure of objects, situations, and phenomena', 'the causal dynamics of complex states, acts, [and] events', and many other areas of nuance (, 'Introduction'). It can pack such detail into short words and syllables due to its large phonemic inventory, use of phonemic tone and stress, and complex agglutinative morphology. Quijada describes the language as 'an exercise in exploring how human languages could function, not how human languages do function' (, 'Introduction'). Alternate names for the language: itku'ile, itku'ilybau.

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John Quijada