jarbu gismu

x1 is a suburban area of city/metropolis x2.

See also nurma, se tcadu, ve tcadu.

In notes:

x1 is a rural/rustic/pastoral area of x2; x1 is in the country.
x1 is a town/city of metropolitan area x2, in political unit x3, serving hinterland/region x4.
x1 is a village in administrative area x3 serving hinterland x4 small by standard x5.
n1 (number) is the population of inhabitant group g1 in area x2 measured on scale n2.
x1 is a general metropolitan area with (population, commercial, industrial, business, economic, infrastructural, vel sim.) center/focal point/downtown/main or dominating urban area x2, with supporting semi-urban/inner suburban region x3, more (outer) suburban region x4, and exurban region x5.