jbobauske lujvo

x1=s1 is the science/study of the Lojban/Lojbanic language based on methodology x2=s3.

This is the study of the Lojban language from any methodological or theoretical angle, not necessarily that of linguistics. The strictly linguistic study of Lojban may be distinguished as jbokembauske, while the broader, field-nonspecific study of all things Lojbanic may be distinguished as jboske.

In notes:

x1 is the linguistic science/study of the Lojban/Lojbanic language.
x1=s1 is the science/study of Lojbanic language/culture based on methodology x2=s3; x1 is a 'Lojbanology'.
s1 is the science/craft-knowledge ('loglanology'/'loglangology') of logical language s2=b1 based on methodology s3.