jvingapoi fu'ivla

x1 (contestant) comes in x2th (integer; typically positive but no more than the length/cardinality of x4; lesser values represent better performance) place in contest x3 against opponents x4 (complete list (not mecessarily ordered) or set of all qualifying competitors); x1 has rank x2 in contest/conpetition/game/tournament/campaign x3.

x3 determines the system established for how matches/tournaments are designed or selected as well as the rules which govern the conduct of participants (competitors, judges, and audience members) in each of those matches. x2 = 1 iff x1 is determined to be the overall champion or best competitor according to the system/standards established by x3; x2 = n+1 iff x1 is exactly the next-best competitor after the one with rank x2 = n (id est: in a competition, it is expected or determined that the competitor with lesser rank x2 will win or did win), as determined by x3.