kaunmei fu'ivla

x1 (collection, body, set, mass, tuple, n-some, etc.) is x2 (li; default: 1) indivisible/atomic/elementary/basic discrete entities (or particles) of type x3 in composition/content, by standard x4; the count of instances of x3 in x1 is x2 by standard x4.

Not an SI standard unit; dimensionality is 1 or, arguably, the same as the mole ("molro"); usually optional in practice. To be used for unit composition (such as count per unit time (see: )). x3 values which are mutually distinct and not mutually heirarchically related/comparable produce orthogonality; for example: hydrogen atoms are counted separately from carbon atoms, but neither one is independent of the count of hydrocarbon compounds, in a given sample. Whether 'multiple' instances of mutually identical entities are each counted separately is defined by x4 (where "multiple" here is not intended to bias interpretation or to be tautological). For the purposes of this word, the x3-composition of x1 should not be treated as a continuum. Actual/physical indivisibility need not be required; only conceptual and relevant indivisibility or basicness is required, and may be further explained or restricted via x4. See also: "kancu", "mei", "fei'u".