klaicnampe fu'ivla

x1 measures to be x2 [li; number] Joule-seconds by standard x3

This is a a named unit derived from the SI base units, just like the Joule and the Ohm; the difference is that there is no special name for it in standard SI. This word is synonymous with "pi'ai klanrdjuli snidu". x1 can be an action (physical quantity), an angular momentum (or a coordinate or magnitude thereof), etc.: any dimensionful quantity with dimension of mass times the square of distance, per second. See also: cnampetu, .akcne, klanrdjuli, snidu, pi'ai, plankexu (closely related, but not quite equivalent).

In notes:

x1 measures to be x2 [li; number] kilogram-meters-per-second by standard x3