kraune fu'ivla

x1 is a crown, currency issued the crown (regal power)

often has a crown displayed (headdress). Includes former British coins worth 5 shillings, various currencies known by similar names in their native languages, such as the 'koruna', 'kruna', 'krone'.

In notes:

x1 is a genetic-familial/'blood' ancestor of x2 by bond/tie/relation/of degree x3.
x1 is a genetic-familial/'blood' descendant of x2 by bond/tie/relation/of degree x3.
x1 is a member of the stem group of crown group/clade x2 according to classification/methodology/graph/scheme/rule x3.
x1 and x2 are mutual sibling nodes in a directed tree graph x6 such that their shared parent node(s) x5 is/are the most-recent common direct ancestor of x3 and x4, such that x1 is a direct ancestor of or simply is x3 (as the case may be), and such that x2 is a direct ancestor of or simply is x4 (as the case may be), all according to tree ordering relation x7.
x1 is a clade/cladus/monophyletic class formed by most-recent common ancestor(s) x2 and all lineal descendants thereof in family/directed tree structure/according to relationship or standard x3.