kukru experimental gismu

x1 is orthogonal/perpendicular/right/at right angle/rectified/square/normal to x2, where they (are projected to) intersect orthogonally at locus/on set x3, otherwise being utterly distinct (and not even on the same axis/scale) in sense x4

This definition approximately parallels that of panra. For geometric orthogonality, fill x4 with "geometry". This can be applied to lines, planes, curves, manifolds, vectors (endowed with inner product), etc. x1 and x2 are necessarily orthogonal at only x3 (but may be elsewhere, such as if they are hyperplanes). x1 and x2 are symmetric terbri in this word under permutation. Also: "with negative reciprocal slope local to". This is a local property.

In notes:

x1 is a cross-section of object x2 which has an axis, such that the cross-section is made perpendicular to that axis (viewes along it), contains contents x3, and is x4-dimensional.
x1 is a form of ornamentation arranged cylindrically and which is meant to be viewed so that its axis is collapsed to a point (in perpendicular cross-section), which adorns x2
x1 (linear manifold, vector, etc.) is/lies secant to x2 (object, surface, curve, manifold, etc.) passing through or toward points/loci x3 (set of intersected points), by standard/definition/in system x4.
x1 (linear manifold, vector, etc.) is/lies tangent to x2 (object, surface, curve, manifold, etc.) at point/locus x3, by standard/definition/in system x4.