laldo experimental gismu

x1 is old/aged [relatively long in elapsed duration] by standard x2

(= tolci'o) See citno, slabu

In notes:

x1 is young/youthful [relatively short in elapsed duration] by standard x2.
x1 is sick with archaeogismosis; x1 litters their predicate definitions with unnecessary sumti places.
x1 is old (un-novel) to observer x2 in feature x3 (ka) by standard x4
x1 is familiar to the memories of x2 in feature x3 (ka) and by standard x4; x2 knows/is familiar with/has lived memory of x2.
x1 is remembered by someone/something which remembers ... which remembers someone/something which is remembered by x2 via intermediate nodes/steps x3 (ce'o; ordered list).