lenjo -len-le'o- gismu

x1 is a lens/glass [focussing shape/form] focussing x2 to focus/foci x3 by means/material x4.

(adjective:) x1 is optical; focussing may be optical or otherwise, hence x2 which may be light, sound, X-ray, etc., default is light/optical lens; ka is refraction. See also kacma, minra.

In notes:

x1 is a camera/photographic equipment recording illumination type x2 images to medium x3.
x1 reflects/mirrors/echoes x2 [object/radiation] to observer/point x3 as x4; x2 bounces on x1.
l1=b1 is a monocle/pair of (eye)glasses/spectacles allowing the clear sight of l2 (light) by k2 (wearer).
t1 is a monocle/pair of (eye)glasses/spectacles for observational activity t2.