lo'i LEKU cmavo

veridical descriptor: the set of those that really are ..., treated as a set.

On affix form:

x1 is a boat/ship/vessel [vehicle] for carrying x2, propelled by x3.

In notes:

x1 is a member/element of set x2; x1 belongs to group x2; x1 is amid/among/amongst group x2.
x1 is a member of the unordered set x2 upon which rules x3 are applied in order to produce list x4; x1 is a member of the elements constituting list x4.
t3 is a reading material / literature consisting of texts t2 with audience t1; t3 is literary.
mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C
x1 is a value / proof of type / proposition x2 under context x3 in (type / logical) system x4.