ma'a KOhA3 cmavo

pro-sumti: me/we the speaker(s)/author(s) & you the listener(s) & others unspecified.

On affix form:

x1 is a mountain/hill/mound/[rise]/[peak]/[summit]/[highlands] projecting from land mass x2.

In notes:

c1 is a first person pronoun in language c4.
da'ai (exp!)
other than me
mi'ai (exp!)
we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too)
mi'oi (exp!)
inclusive we; includes the speaker (I) and the listener (you), but may or may not include others
ra'au (exp!)
pro-sumti: others, not me/we/the speaker(s)/the author(s)/you the listener(s).