matli gismu

x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of linen/flax [type of fabric/material].

See also bukpu.

On gloss:

x1 is a mat/pad/mattress/pallet [flat, soft, dense form] of material x2.
muvykemlolgai in sense "floor cover"
x1 is a movable rug/mat/cover for floor x2.

In definition:

a traditional Philippine handwoven mat, mainly used as a sleeping mat or a floor mat, made of buri (palm), pandanus, or reed leaves, but modernly even plastic

In notes:

x1 is an amount of cloth/fabric of type/material x2.
x1 is flax of species/variety x2.
x1 is flaxseed/linseed produced by plant x2, capable of growing into x3.